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  Homeowners in search of cooperation from their bank have turned to the right source. Perhaps the mortgage company is pursuing foreclosure or maybe you are interested in selling your house but are underwater. Regardless of the circumstances, our decades of bank/REO experience will be a real benefit in your attempt to accomplish your goal. Since the early '90s we have specialized in working with servicing institutions. During this time the REOsince1991 team has amassed a great deal of knowledge and honed their skills. Many years of experience interacting with lenders & foreclosures translates into results for you.
  Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of scammers happy to "assist" you. Broadly speaking I will place them into three groups. First up would be those posing as buyers who fail to provide a financial statement with THEIR name at the top. By the way, "buyers" looking to flip/assign the Agreement Of Sale are to be avoided. The second group to be on the lookout for are individuals who offer their assistance to locate a buyer yet lack the years of experience (and credibility in the eyes of your mortgage company) that will be needed to receive cooperation from your mortgage company. Obvious but nonetheless, anyone in group two lacking a business license is not worthy of your time. The third group would be those looking to provide assistance to homeowners wishing to keep their home. One step to vet this group would involve reaching out to your State or an oversight board to make certain the outfit approaching you is legit. Regardless of the path one chooses, there may very well be only one opportunity so don't pick a weak teammate.


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