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  Agents, offers should be emailed as a pdf unless uploaded direct to Seller per MLS. The email for offers is Offers for a foreclosure should be emailed as a pdf attachment and NOT as a scan send. Why? Generic titles such as "sent from .." with an attachment named "201206.." are meaningless and impossible to find a month down the road. Save the file with a meaningful name (ex 123mainOfrSmith) then send a copy to me. Thanks. A reminder that scanning in color dramatically increases file size so avoid color!!
  A lender letter or proof of funds is required with all offers for a foreclosure. Heads up, any home prep required for inspections, appraisals or occupancy permits may be the buyer's responsibility. Also, if the home has been winterized, the buyer will be responsible for de-winterizing and re-winterizing unless the bank's corporate addendum states otherwise. Ditto for U&O and utilities. Most banks do permit home inspection contingencies in the agreement of sale. See the bank corporate addendum for more details. REO earnest money deposits should be due at time of a binding (buyer and seller) contract. Do not have a partial deposit now with a second deposit one or two weeks later. Any appliances are "as is". Home condition is "as is" and "where is". Initial offers- do not get too hung up on all the generic pgs as we will get a complete new set of forms with all new pages being 100 percent correct once the Buyer and bank verbally agree. Some foreclosure addendums are legal in length. If so, do not shrink to letter size paper if you for some reason still use a printer. Some bank addendums are generated as counter offers and not needed during the Buyer's initial offer. Appraisals are to be ordered within 48 hrs of mortgage application. This is the Buyer's responsibility to see that it is done so be certain to remind the buyer of this. Allow 48 hrs for the bank to return us a signed Contract.


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